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Name:Tony Stark
This is an RP account for Tony Stark from Iron Man: Armored Adventures. The main difference between this Tony and the other Tony Starks that you may be familiar with is that this one is canonically between 16 and 18 during his series (and in high school, not MIT.) His BFFs are still Pepper and Rhodey, he still gets on Fury's nerves, and he still has awesome adventures with various superheroes who will probably call themselves Avengers at some point.

Another important difference: Howard is alive, well, and an awesome dad.

Oh, and Captain America is still frozen.

But if you want to play with him, Tony will be happy to chat at you. I'm defaulting to bisexual for Tony, and am taking him from just after the season 2 finale, which puts him at just about 18.

For more information on his canon you can read it at Wikipedia.
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